04 Aug
Lina's August
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So the madness begins, a normal 15 minute car journey now takes an hour as every roundabout is blocked, with motorists not knowing how to use them, which amazes me every year.

I am sure they have them in every country, these motorists also seem to have a problem with indicators, you know those things that every car has to let other people know where they are going, but for some mad reason nobody uses them. It’s like whacky races trying to get home from work. It is now quicker to walk - if you can walk in the heat! Phoning a taxi is also a no go, the other night I called the one and only taxi firm in Marbella 57 times before they picked up, I would love to know why there isn’t any competition with taxis. Moan over but roll on September!

Once I manage to get to the Port, no further transport is needed. Bijoux has now had the terrace extended, it looks longer than the river Thames, but what a great spot to sit and people watch at night time with a cheeky shisha and a cocktail, then very easy to walk over to TIBU.

The new pool club NAO has opened to what seems a great response; unfortunately I haven’t managed to get there yet, but it looks amazing, so really looking forward to having a cheeky Sunday session there.

We had the fabulous So Solid showcase at TIBU for Never Have I Ever and they sure didn’t disappoint. They were amazing and such great people to work with, Lisa Maffia and Romeo were such good fun, even though the hotel I booked them in was completely alcohol free. Obviously this is not highlighted on their website! Who on earth makes a hotel alcohol free? It’s such a strange concept, so had to deliver a couple of bottles of vodka to their rooms! They had such a great time in TIBU, however, that we couldn’t get them off, and they went way over their time slot.

I popped along to Azucar Beach; I heard they do a great massage there by Om equilibrium and it was fabulous. I don’t usually have massages on the beach as I don’t think they are qualified, however these people are, certainly destressed me, they also offer on a Saturday morning a free Pilates class. I am still thinking about that one, me and exercise don’t really go together!

I had friends over again, and it really is a killer - they are on holiday and think I am too, as much as it is lovely to see them I am really grateful when they leave. I did have a couple of great nights out with them and then we also went to the champagne spray at the Ocean Club, I haven’t been that much this year, I usually stay at the bar and drink and drink, but this time booked a bed and drank and drank, and then I wonder why I have the famous Monday hangover again!

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