12 Apr
Lina's April
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All I can say is the winter has gone far too fast, I think it may have been something to do with the fabulous weather for most of the winter. I have absolutely loved it, having a bit of chill time, the only problem is the amount of food that I have consumed, lunch turns into dinner and the dinner turns into night time smack, so it is nil in my mouth for me for the foreseeable future.


Linekers re-opened – always the first to open in the Port, but great to see it back in business. Most of the summer staff from last year have come back, which is great to see. The problem however is trying to keep the boys from taking their clothes off; every time I walk into Linekers they are all naked from neck to waist!!

I have been going a lot to Golden Tarts in Puerto Banus. I always feel like I have been out socially whenever I go there, the vibe is like being in a bar, especially when I participate in a glass or two of cava! They have a lot of new make-up artists starting this summer and I watched a demo from two new girls the other day. I have to say they were very impressive and really knew what they were doing. They have also opened a little boutique called Beau_Beauxs selling leisure ware inside Golden Tarts, so hair done, nails done, feet done and a new outfit all in one place.

I had an amazing birthday this year. A friend of mine is getting married and this is going to be the most fabulous wedding, she is having her dress made in Rome by Mr. Valentino himself, she asked me to be a bridesmaid, so she organised a day at a dress makers. I was picked up in a limousine with all the other bridesmaids with champagne flowing all the way to Malaga, where we went to this amazing Haute Couture tailors called Montesco - I have never seen anything like it! We arrived to this beautiful old building and inside it was like being in a palace, all chintz furniture and gorgeous  dresses on manikins, plus another half a dozen bottles of champagne waiting for us including nibbles – we all measured for the most incredible bridesmaids dresses, so really looking forward to seeing them finished and then actually wearing it.

Also had the opening of Bijoux and TIBU on the same night, Bijoux looks amazing and the terrace is fantastic, and a great addition to the Linekers Group and the second line. This will be a great place to people watch and party at the same time. Then I finished my birthday weekend with one almighty Sunday session. I actually now know I am far too old to be doing this and thought I was actually dying - recovery now takes so much longer!

So looking forward for the summer to get into full swing as this year starting from 28th April I will be hosting my own night in TIBU with Emma and Lauren from Portside, we have called the night “Never have I ever” and the concept is a classy ladies night and every week will be different sponsors with cosmetic, fashion and hair products to give away – so this is definitely a date for your diary.


I am now going to lie down in a darkened room in recovery position until this hangover leaves me alone!

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