So the madness begins, a normal 15 minute car journey now takes an hour as every roundabout is blocked, with motorists not knowing how to use them, which amazes me every year.

I am not one for sharing my political views and everybody has their own opinions, but I can’t help it! I I am so disheartened that the British public voted out, albeit by a very small margin and can’t help thinking that their reasoning is because of immigrants and the British benefit system, which is a government law and not a EU law.


All I can say is the winter has gone far too fast, I think it may have been something to do with the fabulous weather for most of the winter. I have absolutely loved it, having a bit of chill time, the only problem is the amount of food that I have consumed, lunch turns into dinner and the dinner turns into night time smack, so it is nil in my mouth for me for the foreseeable future.

Was so shocked to hear the news that Whitney Houston had died.

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