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Bling it on @ Bling Boutique
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Bling Boutique, Marbella's first ever icy couture shop promises to add glitz, sparkle and fun to the coast this season.

Inspired by urban / street style shops of downtown Los Angeles, Bling Boutique is the newest sensation in product customization in Marbella. From mobile phone cases, shoes, tank tops and shirts to jewellery, bikinis and even cars...there's no limit to what this boutique can "bling out" for you. We caught up with owner Nance Van der Veken to find out everything about this shop that everyone is talking about and their plans for the season.

What is Bling Boutique?

Nance: Bling Boutique is a unique new fashion brand and shop that offers tailor made one-of-a-kind products to our clients. The goal is to bring glamour and self expression in a market saturated by mass production. We can bling out anything--shoes, clothes, jewellery---according to your taste and style. The only limitation is your imagination and we guarantee that everything we make; every rhinestone, crystal, pearls etc that we use represents your originality, uniqueness.


Where did you get your inspiration from?

Nance: I got inspired by downtown L.A. street style shops. While shopping on Rodeo Drive / Beverly Hills ten years ago, a very kind sales staff from one of the luxury boutiques gave us directions to a street in Beverly Hills where you can buy one-off pieces to combine with your signature brands. We jumped in the taxi and when we arrived I was like, " Wow, I'm in love!" Exactly what I was looking for---a place where they combine luxury products and street wear style. They mixed and matched designer clothing with your regular high street or unknown brands and the outcome was mesmerizing. Hence, I came up with street style glamour look! All fashion items in that store were made by local designers trying to make their name to the top ( one of them is the now very famous Juicy Couture). It was every fashion enthusiast's paradise and I thought to myself, " one day, I will have a shop like this" and here we are now!


Why is Bling Boutique perfect for Marbella?

Nance: Marbella loves glamour especially when it's  affordable and that's what Bling Boutique is about. Our forward thinking and reaching for the stars mentality fits perfect with the jet set of Marbella. We pride our self as the only shop that offers affordable street glam but with quality materials and craftsmanship. And people love what we do! In fact, we have clients coming from as far as La Linea and Gibraltar just to have their products customized and blinged out. Our clients have been loyal to us ever since day one and more and more people come up to say how they love our products and our creative efforts. We love them and we are very grateful for all their support.


What makes it different from other fashion shops?

Nance: Our customer service is second to none. We make sure that everyone who leaves our shop is happy and contented. Of course, our unique one-of- a-kind pieces all handmade in Spain with one month guarantee are what our clients love about us. We also have an original shop decor with a glam but cosy ambiance and the endless possibilities in customizing our clients' products.


How's the reaction been from clients since you opened?

Nance: Ever since we opened at the beginning of the year, we have had overwhelming response from clients. In fact, the men like to be here as well because there are entertained seeing all our custom designed pieces! Our customers pop in weekly to check in our new designs which we keep updated as often as we can.


Any hot stuff from Bling Boutique this summer? Bestsellers?

Nance: Blinged shoes and phonecases are our bestsellers however , we can always bling out anything as per client's requests. Anyone can bring in their own items for us to give them a makeover with different materials of their choice--rhinestones, crystals, pearls, and many more. This season we are also so excited to launch a range of pool & beach fashion with a lot of glamour and bling! We will bling out Marbella this summer, literally!


What's the future for Bling Boutique? Any exciting plans for this year?

Nance: Our goal is to grow, grow and grow more. To see future in franchise and make our label a household name.

Let's bling to that, Nance!


Bling Boutique

Centro Comercial Diana, Bloque 2, Local 14, Nueva Atalaya, 29680, Málaga, Estepona



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