14 Feb
The Pravda Challenge
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Pravda Banus restaurant in Puerto Banus...

Hi, my name is Carolina Cuesta, I am 31 years old and have put myself forward to follow the Pravda Health nutritional program for one month. Having seen Pravda Restaurant in Puerto Banus’s promotional flyer promoting a weight loss program (2-8 kilo’s in one month) with ALL the meals prepared and cooked by them for only €11 per day I knew it was something I wanted to try.

I called the number on the flyer and spoke with Head Chef Dennis Wellerfors about the program and at the end of the conversation had agreed to a meeting at the restaurant to meet the nutritionist.

Friday 03 February

Time to find out more!

I went along to the restaurant Pravda Banus situated in Puerto Banus and was greeted by Dennis and the nutritionist. Both were very pleasant and put me at ease as they explained the program, what I needed to do and the benefits of taking part.

In essence the program consisted of 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus 2 snacks a day all prepared by the Pravda Team.

You collected your meals twice a week on Monday and Friday between 2pm – 10pm.

On Monday you were given all your breakfast meals plus snacks plus 31/2 days of lunch and dinners. Then each Friday you return to collect another 31/2 days of lunch and dinners.

Simple enough!

The nutritionist then asked me a few questions about my diet and what I was looking for out of the plan. I explained I had given up smoking last year and wanted to lose weight in a controlled way whilst eating a healthy diet.

The nutritionist then explained she needed to weigh me plus take some measurements so she could monitor my progress over the next month.

It was at this point that I would find out exactly how much weight I had gained since giving up smoking.

Shock and horror overwhelmed me as the nutritionist read out the reading on the scales… 77.9 kilos!

I had gained 15 kilos in less than a year, the equivalent to 1.5 kilos a month!!!

With this news I don’t really remember much more of what the nutritionist said as all I could think about was when could I pick up the meals and get started!


Monday 06 February

I went along to the restaurant around 3pm to collect my food and was presented with 2 full bags of food to takeaway.

Couldn’t wait to get home to check out what was in them!

Once home I opened both bags and the first thing I noticed was how much food there was and how well presented it all was. The first 31/2 days of lunches and dinners came in plastic trays, each with three compartments, separating the meats, vegetables, salads etc. All I had to do was pop each meal in the microwave, now how easy was that!

The bags also consisted of fruits, yoghurts, cheese and bread… mmm I think I am going to enjoy this!


Tuesday 07 February

Day 1 … the start of the Pravda Health program!

Over the next few days I was pleasantly surprised at not only the standard of food I ate but also the quantity. As with any diet my first reaction was I was going to be starving ALL THE TIME but I wasn’t in fact the complete opposite I was finding it hard to eat everything!


Friday 10 February

Day 4 and time to return to Pravda to collect my next 31/2 days of lunches and dinners plus a meeting with the nutritionist to see how I am getting on with the meals and for my first weigh in.

I stepped on the scales and the nutritionist told me I had lost nearly 3 kilos. Now last week I was in shock at how much weight I had put on now I was in shock at how much I had lost!!!

Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would drop nearly 3 kilos in 4 days.

Now I can’t wait for the next weigh in on Friday 17 February!


Will keep you posted….


Pravda Banus restaurant in Puerto Banus recently introduced the Pravda Health nutritional program, a unique personalised healthy lifestyle diet aimed at getting us all back in shape.

With all your meals, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner, (5 in total), prepared by the Pravda Banus team under the watchful eye of head chef Dennis Wellerfors at the unbelievable price of only €11 per day and with the claim of enabling you to lose between 2 and 8 kilos in one month, a member of the Hot Magazine Marbella Team decided to take up the challenge…

For one month, Carolina Cuesta, will follow the meal plan religiously. Having quit smoking last March, Carolina like so many people who give up the dreaded weed gained weight (1.5 kilos per month) and wants to follow the plan to see how many of those extra kilos she can lose.

Follow Carolina’s progress here…

Every week (Friday 10, 17, 24) we will update her progress with the final weigh in and results announced on Friday 02 March.

This Friday we will reveal how Carolina got on when she met with the Pravda Health nutritionist, her starting weight and began the month trial.

See the results here!


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